Do you accept dental insurance?

Yes, we accept all dental insurance plans. This includes employee benefits, social services, personal plans, NHIB (IA) and University of Alberta dental plans.

How do I find out about my insurance?

We recommend that you download our Insurance Breakdown questionnaire. You can call your insurance company or HR department and ask these questions. They will give you (the patient) more information then they will give us. You may also read and sign our “Insurance Consent form” ahead of time if you wish.

Do you direct bill my dental insurance?

We can direct bill all insurance companies except self-directed plans (rare). With most claims, we can submit online and are able to get a response immediately. We only charge you up front for your portion. For example, if you have 80% coverage and your total bill is $250, you would be responsible for $50 at […]

With 100% coverage, why would my previous dentist still charged me?

In Alberta, there are no set fee guides. Our fees are average for dentists in Alberta. Almost all 100% plans we see cover our fees (meaning your insurance will likely cover the entire cost). There are a few exceptions , however. Some insurance companies will advertise 100% but may be using a fee from 10 […]